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Paris Hilton: Kim and I have great work ethic

Paris Hilton - who launched her 18th signature scent in Liverpool on Wednesday - claims she and Kim Kardashian West share a "great work ethic".

Paris Hilton believes she and Kim Kardashian West share the same work ethic and that's why they've both been successful.

The 34-year-old star and Kim used to party together a lot and are still friends, and Paris recognises many of the traits she has in her pal - who she has known since childhood.

She said: "Kim Kardashian always had a great work ethic like me.

I'm very determined in life. Being successful really fulfils me.

"I work hard. I'm a good person with a good heart. That's why I've been in this business for so long, and that's why my product lines do so well."

Although Paris comes from a very wealthy family - her great-grandfather Conrad Hilton was the creator of the Hilton hotel chain - the blonde beauty insists she has built her own multi-faceted business from scratch without the help of her relatives.

Paris - who launched her 18th perfume, Paris Hilton Limited Edition, in Liverpool, North East England, on Wednesday - told the Liverpool Echo newspaper: "I've worked hard for everything. We weren't spoilt as kids. My parents really instilled in us that you need to be independent. Some people think I'm just a trust fund kid, but I've worked hard for everything. I'm not a dumb blonde - I wouldn't have got this far if I was."

Among Paris' business interests are her line of signature scents, her clothing line and book range, while she is also one of the world's most sought-after DJs.

Donatella Versace loves Prince Harry

Donatella Versace loves the British royal family and thinks brothers Prince William and Prince Harry have reinvigorated the monarhcy.

The 60-year-old fashion designer loves the British royal family and thinks Harry and his older brother Prince William - who is second-in-line to the throne - have reinvigorated the UK monarchy.

In an interview with The Guardian newspaper, she said: "I don't know whether it's because of the royal family reinterpreting themselves with Prince William. I think that has an influence, I don't know. When you see Prince Harry, he is one of us."

Donatella is a complete Anglophile and the new Versus collection from Versace - created under the instruction of the new creative director Anthony Vaccarello, Versace - will be launched in London and she thinks Harry would be perfect to be involved.

Referring to a video of the collection, she added: "He [Prince Harry] could be in that."

Donatella - who is Vice President of the Versace Group - loves the UK capital because of the diverse nature of the city, and it is the different cultures that she believes make it such an exciting place.

She said: "I find London very exciting: It's full of subcultures talking together and I love that. It wasn't like that for a while, but now I feel a lot of energy."

Johnny Depp's dogs face death

Johnny Depp's dogs threatened with death by Australian authorities after it was claimed he "snuck" the pooches in to avoid quarantine laws.

The Australian Agriculture Minister Barnaby Joyce has revealed the Hollywood hunk has just 50 hours to remove his two Yorkshire terrier pooches from the country or they will be "destroyed," as the actor failed to adhere to quarantine laws and instead "snuck" the pooches in.

The politician said: "It's time that Pistol and Boo b*****ed off back to the United States.

"He's now got about 50 hours left to remove the dogs. He can put them on the same charter jet he flew out on and fly them back out of our nation.

"We found out he snuck them in because we saw him taking them to a poodle groomer.

"Now Mr Depp has to either take his dogs back to California or we're going to have to euthanise them."

The 51-year-old actor - who wed actress and model Amber Heard earlier this year - is spending time in the country while filming 'Pirates of the Caribbean 5: Dead Men Tell No Tales' but may have to fly the canine companions, Pistol and Boo, back to the US if he wants them to remain alive.

And although the measure seems extreme, the Agriculture Minister went on to say the star's status did not exempt him from the strict quarantine laws.

He told 612 ABC Brisbane: "Just because he's Johnny Depp does not mean he's exempt from Australian law.

"There is a process if you want to bring animals in, you get the permits, they go into quarantine and then you can have them.

"You start letting in movie stars, even though they have been the sexiest man alive twice, who come into our nation, why don't we just break the laws for everybody.

"If dogs come in and they have rabies ... the whole life in Brisbane changes. They won't be so sympathetic to Depp at that point in time."

Selena Gomez is trying to live "a healthier lifestyle."


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The 22-year-old singer, who sought treatment in rehab for an unidentified problem in early 2014, recently hit back at critics for suggesting she had gained weight, but is reportedly at ease with her body.

A source close to the 'Rudderless' star said: "She's trying her hardest to live a healthier lifestyle. She's surrounding herself with positive enforcers."


But the brunette beauty, who ended her on-again, off-again relationship with Justin Bieber, 21, last October after four years of dating, doesn't feel the need to explain herself or discuss her figure with anyone.

The source told Us Weekly magazine: "There is no apology left in her. Selena feels sexier than ever. Criticism won't diminish her personal growth."


The 'Come & Get It' hitmaker recently hit back at a "disgusting" Instagram user for urging her to "work out" and "please stop eating junk food."

She added: "IM IN the business and I could care less about what 'they' or you said I should look like. I don't need to do anything other than love myself, take care of my work, fans, family and friends...And I do work out. It's not your place to tell anyone what they should or should not do.

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