Picture of a plump Kareena Kapoor goes viral

Bollywood's top heroine Bebo pregnant? No?

A photograph on the Internet of Kareena Kapoor has gone viral as it seems to show a 'baby bump'. The photograph has given birth to a media frenzy in the Indian press spawning videos and chatshows that are populating the airwaves, the web as well as YouTube.

However, people close to Bollywood's top-rated heroine have denied rumours that she is pregnant.

Apparently, the photograph was taken by mediamen while she was exiting an airport. The angle showed a slighly plump Kareena. Added to that was the fact that the picture shows the Bollywood star as if she was trying to cover the plump 'bump' with a shawl or a 'dupatta'.

However, a source close to the actress said: “No, she isn’t pregnant. It’s strange how there has been so much frenzy with just a solitary picture floating around. There is no truth to the so-called news and for Kareena it is business as usual,” Zee News reported.

Times of India said all rumours will come to rest once Kareena Kapoor restarts shooting for Madhur Bhandarkar's Heroine by February-end.

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