Salman, Kat love story busted! After 'Ek Tha Tiger'...

One minute they are locked in bashful fun, and the next they are taking potshots at each other. Or at least, one of them is.

Dating a superstar doesn’t get more complicated than this.

As ex-lovers Katrina Kaif and Salman Khan attempted to give Bollywood break-up traditions a matured twist by reuniting on-screen, four-and-a- half-years since they ended their romantic sojourn, only to get caught up in another emotional drama of their own.

They were caught, on camera during the promotion of their new movie ‘Ek Tha Tiger’, being indifferent to one another. “During an interview for a leading Indian television channel, the interviewer was caught unawares when Salman and Katrina wouldn’t look at each other,” reveals a crew member. “Salman kept looking elsewhere while she talked. He was even blowing bubbles and mocking her.”

Although Kat took it in the chin, her discomfort was clearly evident.

His strange behaviour was consistent in other televised interviews as well. “It amazes me how Katrina puts up with it. He’s so temperamental.

It’s tough to comprehend what he is up to. One minute he is laughing and the next, he’s walking out in a huff,” claims another media personality. Wonder if his sudden change in mood was triggered by reports of Katrina’s secret date with Ranbir Kapoor, just days ahead of the ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ release.

“Salman is known to be possessive about his women, so his behaviour could be an outcome of those stories,” reasons another film source.

It got to a point where Katrina refused to do any more promotional work with Salman under the pretext of poor health. “He had to return to the studios of the same TV channel to meet his fans, but without his lady by his side. Surely she was not going to take things sitting down,” adds the crew member.

“Katrina isn’t someone who makes a hue and cry about such cases, so she preferred to stay away from the madness.”

Salman, however, attempted to salvage the situation by praising and complimenting her for getting this far in Bollywood on her own. “His efforts did make an impact as we soon caught images of Sallu and Kat enjoying an evening out with his family. They were together, and there was no love lost,” informs a reporter.

Another shoot for a dance telly show caught them getting cozy, leaving the audience rather confused. “Does this mean they are back together? Are they just a dysfunctional couple?” asks many fans. Clearly he is unable to let her go, and she is unable to say no because he is, in fact, the person who made her a star. If you recall, Salman and Katrina were once a hot couple, until his ego took a massive blow when she refused to give up her new-found celeb status to set up his home.

Her sudden meteoric rise to fame from a damsel in distress into a famed star was something that Salman hadn’t quite planned, nor had she.

Soon, rifts in the love story appeared despite talks of their marriage making the rounds.

Salman was seen throwing tantrums and giving her the royal snub at the promotions of their then box-office turkey ‘Yuvvraj’. “He even refused to sit next to her during the press meet in Mumbai,” recalls an entertainment reporter. “And, all the while she just smiled her way through.”

Many news reports later emerged that it was her proximity to a new-star- on-the-block that had triggered the worst side in Salman, and their eventual break-up.

They did make rare appearances for telly shows, and for random item songs, but the uneasiness was there for everyone to see.

Wonder if the success of ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ will trigger another round of romance, or not.


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