Salman Khan asks Dubai to decide: Who is the biggest Khan?

Sings for fans with Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

Salman Khan is surely a heart throb of several in UAE, but Shah Rukh Khan is not far behind.

At the UAE National Day show in Dubai, Salman’s presence on stage saw ladies screaming with joy. Some were too overwhelmed that tears of joy flooded the Dubai festival Arena.

The star decided to bring a twist in the show, he picked fans from the audience and threw a very dicey question at them.

He quizzed his two contestants, which of the Khans is the most popular with fans, the audience lapped it up with his obvious reference to arch rival Shah Rukh Khan.

But the poor contestants were simply too scared to utter the name, skirting around with Aamir and Saif Ali Khan.

"But Saif is not even in the running amongst the three Khans of Bollywood," was Salman's cheeky reply, in a way only the actor can dare to attempt.

He later called Rahat on stage to attempt to sing live with the Sufi singer, but post midnight, you could almost see and feel the fatigue setting in.


It’s Salman for Dubai fans as Priyanka disappoints many


Dubai rocks, laughs, cries as Salman Khan claims ‘King Khan’ title at UAE National Day show




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