Sonakshi, Prabhu Deva injured during 'OMG' shoot

Bollywood starlet Sonakshi Sinha and legendary dancer Prabhu Dheva got injured while shooting for “Oh My God”.
Sonakshi was shaking a leg with India's dancer to Michael Jackson, Prabhu Dheva on a peppy number 'Go Govinda'. Going with the flow in full zest, the duo skipped a beat after Sonakshi and Prabhu were injured, NDTV reported.
Sonakshi suffered from a minor sprain in the neck region while Prabhu Dheva strained his wrists. Duo were allegedly a little intoxicated when they were involved in the minor accident. However, they overcame their pain to complete the entire dance sequence.
On Producer Akshay Kumar’s request, Sonakshi agreed to dance to the song sung by Shreya Ghoshal and composed by Himesh Reshammia. The movie is set to release in September.
Going by the recent incidents, it looks like the Sinhas are facing a hard time. Papa Shatrugan has also been in the hospital for the last 10 days after complaining of breathlessness. And now, Sonkashi takes a tumble.

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