Star family love: Vin Diesel's baby, Zoe's twins

Vin Diesel with his little girl Pauline. (Vindiesel/Instagram)

Vin revealed, after his baby's birth in March he had named her in honour of his late friend Paul Walker. (Vindiesel/Instagram)

Zoe Saldana and Marco Perego shared a family portrait in celebration of their identical sons Bowie and Cy on National Twins Day. (Zoe Saldana/Instagram)

(Zoe Saldana/Instagram)

Zoe - who was 185 pounds during her pregnancy - has been busy whittling away her baby weight at the gym. (Zoe Saldana/Instagram)

Simon Cowell with his family Lauren Silverman and Eric. (Simon Cowell/Twitter)

Simon has joked that the toddler is already taking after his father. (Simon Cowell/Twitter)

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