Sushmita Sen's comeback matches Aishwarya Rai's

Sushmita Sen is back. The actress is also making a comeback into the limelight at the same time when her contemporary and former rival, Aishwarya Rai is making a comeback to films with Jazbaa.

Sush had pipped Ash to the post in the Miss India contest and eventually gone on to win the Miss Universe contest. Ash won the Miss World contest and made her debut in films. Sushmita was a reluctant movie star and has had more screenplays about her relationships than films.

But now the actress will be seen as a judge on a TV show involving comedy. Quite a deviation from her serious characters in films, one would presume. Sush however, declines that there is a paradigm shift of nature.

“I have done serious and intense roles in films, but in reality I am a fun loving person. I am always laughing having fun, trying to make people around me get a smile on their face. I was very happy when approached for this show,” she says.

Actor Sonu Sood and former actor and anchor Shekhar Suman joins her on the show.

“Shekhar is extremely intelligent and funny. He has abundant knowledge. Sonu and I merely follow him,” she says.

But Sush has been having emotional moments judging the show. “I may like a particular performer, but if he or she has not done well during a said day, the performer needs to be eliminated. I have had such moments on the show,” she says.

In real life what works her up and gets her emotional is the way people behave with women. A strong exponent of women’s causes, Sushmita hates it when women are ill treated. “It is seriously disturbing when women are made the object of hate and then troubled. It is not just in India, but the rest of the world too,” says the actress.

Sushmita believes that she was never away. “My daughter’s name is Renee. I adopted her when I was 24. I guess, she has given me a lot of happiness since then. Renee means rebirth and I have multiple rebirths, but I never go away,” she signs off.


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