No 'Dirty Picture' to be telecast on TV

Sony Entertainment channel flashing disclaimer and regretting for not showing 'The Dirty Picture'. (SUPPLIED)

After all the censorship, appeals in court and 56 cuts 'The Dirty Picture' will still not be telecast on television. 

The film, for unknown reasons has been kept on hold by Sony Entertainment channel who acquired the rights of the film.

The channel has been flashing a disclaimer expressing its disappointment for not telecasting the hit movie.  The disclaimer reads: ‘For unavoidable reasons we regret to inform the dirty picture will not be telecast today. Any inconvenience caused is deeply regretted.’

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Following this, one of the male actors in the film Tusshar ‏Kapoor wrote on micro blogging website Twitter: "Really unfortunate that after all the necessary cuts and a valid UA certificate.The Dirty Picture could not be telecast today on sony tv!In light of recent events that exposed the dark side of Bollywood, The Dirty Picture was well timed as it depicts a similar harsh reality!Sad that inspite of being acclaimed for it's entertaining realism & having won 3 National Awards the regulatory forces have stalled the show (sic)."

The channel did not provide further details about the change of plan and also did not specify anything about re-scheduling the movie.

Earlier an Indian bench of the Allahabad High Court directed the Centre to ensure that no law is violated by the telecast of Bollywood film 'Dirty Picture' by an entertainment TV channel on April 22.

An appeal was filed in the court that 'The Dirty Picture' is an adult movie and should not be shown during the prime time.

The Central Board of Film Certification in India had cleared the film after 56 cuts, 36 of which were cut by the film producer himself and 22 others as suggested by the Board.

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