Charlie Sheen wants to marry both lovers


Charlie Sheen wants to marry both his "goddesses".

The actor is planning a "commitment marriage" - a non-legally binding ceremony used by polygamous families in America to get around the laws forbidding people having more than one spouse - to both porn star Bree Olsen and part-time model Natalie Kenly, whom he shares his Los Angeles home with.

A source is quoted by the Sunday Mirror newspaper as saying: "Charlie has strong feelings for both Rachel and Natalie and thinks their relationship is much more healthy and loving than most marriages. He would love to make both of them is wives. He thinks they are going to be very happy together for a long time.

"Despite having two women living with him, life in Charlie's house is surprisingly normal."

However, Charlie's dreams were almost left it tatters yesterday after Rachel walked out, leaving him advertising for a replacement on twitter.

But eight hours later she returned to the Beverly Hills mansion and he jubilantly told pals: "She's back."

Charlie, 45, recently said his "kingdom" is ruled by the "goddesses" and insisted the trio are living the "dream".

The father-of-five revealed: "The goddesses rule. They rule the kingdom.

"I got a chance to label them before the world did and now they're the goddesses. Those two are like the toughest cats in the room.

"I've simply been living the dream. The partying has been epic - what I can remember of it. It was entertaining as hell."

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