'Devil' Salman Khan is on a high with 'Kick' - thinks he is a superhero

Bollywood actor Salman Khan and Jacqueline Fernandez promote their upcoming movie 'Kick'. (SANSKRITI MEDIA AND ENTERTAINMENT)

Indian Bollywood actor Salman Khan’s film 'Kick' is up for release this weekend (Jul 24).

After a flop early this year, Salman is back to greet his fans during Eid as he turns Devil in the Sajid Nadiadwala film.

Excerpts from an interview:

Salman's genre of films

Films that come under the entertainment genre are the toughest to do because you have to make people laugh and also shed tears of happiness. My fans expect me to do comedy, action and romance and they are my biggest strength and expect a lot from me. So for me I am a superhero!

Talking about 'Kick'

'Kick' is not about kicking or playing football. The new generation wants a high out of everything. The kick we are talking about in our feeling is about getting a high and a feel good feel after an act.

Singing in Kick

I have no formal training in singing and have no knowledge of the Sa Re Ga and Ma. Hence I was pretty nervous while singing these songs in the film 'Kick' as well. I have sung earlier in films like 'Hello Brother' and 'Wanted', and have hummed a few lines in shows like 'Dus Ka Dum' and 'Bigg Boss'. But then I have no real sense of music. There is one Himesh composed song in which Sajid and Wajid tutored me and Wajid again tutored me in the song by Meet Brothers. Having said that, I had to also add my own style in the singing. The composers got Sonu Nigam and Mohit Chauhan to also sign the song, but they wanted a different style and hence got me to sing as well. I had to sing each line a hundred times in the recording studio to get it right.

Releases during Ramadan

I did not have a release during the last Eid and hence the audience has been waiting for a film from me during Ramzan when not many films release and we get a good 3-4 days of the festival time. And why Ramzan, even during Diwali, Christmas and Independence Day there are films releasing because of the holiday factor which helps the box office collections.

About giving breaks to foreign actresses

I do not know why there is brouhaha over me giving breaks to Katrina Kaif, Jacqueline Fernandez and Nargis Fakhri. Why is no one talking about Sneha Ullal, Sonakshi Sinha and Zarine Khan? Are they from Turkistan? Nargis has done a dance number with me in the film and is so beautiful. She has a lot of energy and is a fabulous dancer as well. As for Jacqueline, she is the best choice for the heroine for this film. She is so chilled out and hard working. She has no star tantrums and is like the girl next door. I enjoyed working with her, especially because she is spontaneous as an actor and has got a role in which she can perform after a few years in the film industry.

Why did you last film 'Jai Ho' didn't work?

'Jai Ho' was a film for the families. If you look at the idea of a man helping three people each it looks like a fabulous idea when you sit with your family and watch on TV. But the film failed for many reasons. The biggest was the release time in January and the ticket price was Rs 250. People had just come back from a holiday and were in no mood to spend so much. Also the songs failed to catch on. So it did not do that well.