Dubai director makes Yo Yo Honey Singh dance to her tunes

The cast of ‘Zaalim Dilli’ at the Cavalli Club and Lounge in Dubai with the Dubai-based young film director, Japinder Kaur (2nd from left). (BINDU SURESH RAI)

The thumping beats of a signature Yo Yo Honey Singh track reverberates through the enclosed space, something about a ‘Baby with a birthday bash, who’ll go to Goa and smoke some hash’.

Clearly, controversy’s poster child in Bollywood has paid no heed to the protests that saw women across India object to his portrayal of women in his chart topping numbers.

But Singh is just a small cog in the wheel of this film shoot that has brought the crowds buzzing into the Cavalli Club and Lounge at 10am, creating a surreal experience of walking through this noir themed night spot, complete with Swarovski crystal chandeliers, in broad daylight.

The shoot is the premise of a new film, titled ‘Zaalim Dilli’ (Cruel Delhi), which is being helmed by the Dubai-based young film director, Japinder Kaur, who is quick to point out that the suggestive name draws no reference to the recent spate of outcry that has branded the Indian city as a rape capital, following high profile gang rape cases that have been reported in the media.

“The movie was written and titled well over a year ago and by no means plays on the horrific situation that has rocked Delhi lately, neither is it politically motivated in any way,” said the 24-year-old director, who is already being touted as the youngest filmmaker in Bollywood.

Starring in this film are Divyendu Sharma (‘Chashme Baddoor’), Pooja Mishra and Jackie Shroff, with Yo Yo Honey Singh making a special appearance for the first time in a Bollywood potboiler for this theme-based club track that sees the lead actress, aka ‘Baby’, who is throwing her birthday bash with ‘Daddy’s cash’, or so the lyrics go.

The shoot is one of two songs that will be filmed by the makers in Dubai, with another romantic track that will see the Miracle Garden captured on camera for the first ever Indian film.

Speaking about his suggestive track, Singh said: “The song is about a troublemaker, who is celebrating her birthday. She is not dependent on daddy, but there is that little link that sees her partying with his money. She’s a classy lady, so no one can successfully hit on her. The lead actor is trying; the filmmakers asked us to join the video shoot and try.”

The method to the madness that sees this shoot roll out already has the choreographer snapping at some of the artistes who have ventured off in the midst of the shoot.

“We will not come looking for each and every one of you,” comes the command. “You have to return to your positions. It’s not my job.”

While that drama ensues, Kaur talks about the technical challenges the film unit has faced in Dubai.

“In terms of crew, we do lack the technical know how and people with experience, despite having all the latest technological advancements here,” she said. “The film industry here needs to grow and will take a while to build.”

Singh, who has filmed many a video on these shores, piped in to say: “I am looking forward to a film industry here, which will facilitate with mainstream videos and Asian films that are shot here.

“Many bollywood films already have been shot here. But technicality is lacking, and the crew flies down from abroad. If we have an industry, it would be advantageous for all.”

Singh, who is a self-confessed fan of Dubai, also took time out to gush about the superfleet of police cars that have seen the Lamborghini Aventador, the Ferrari FF, the Aston Martin One-77, a Mercedes SLS and many other added to the patrolling fleet.

“The Dubai Police cars are amazing,” he gushed. “The Lamborghini is my dream car. Dubai has it all: beautiful girls and cars; all top class.”

Quizzed whether he would consider making Dubai his second home, and Singh promptly replied: “Yo Yo Honey has no money.”