End of 'Satyamev Jayate' = re-birth of Aamir Khan's India

Bollywood star's first foray into TV opens up a whole new world for him and his viewers

'Satyamev Jayate' had everyone talking, not just the TV buffs, but socialites, journalists, politicians, social workers and advertisers.

'Satyamev Jayate' brought forth issues that exist and breed in Indian society but no one wants to tackle - female feticide, child sex abuse, medical malpractice and dowry.

For 13 consecutive weeks people tuned in, sometimes criticising, but often applauding.

So what really worked for the show and Aamir Khan?

"The way Aamir brought forward the implications of these practices has hit me the most," said Dubai-based Indian resident, Rachita Sood.

"The case study and the research was done very minutely for each and every episode," she added.

Bollywood's Mr Perfectionist actor, host and producer of the show, had an air of secrecy surrounding every episode.

This intrigued his audience who wanted to know what was coming next.

Till the show went on air on May 6, no one knew what the show format was.

Aamir promised to bring change in the society and the way people viewed television on Sundays.

His show aired in India on Sunday morning primetime and not during the usual evening primetime slot which every big name and big show sought.

The very fact that Aamir was hosting it made people sit up and take notice; the brand that he created around himself cannot be ignored.

Aamir followed a clear cut rundown in the show telling the viewers about certain problems, he then moved on to show the impact on society and individuals.

Strong case studies were presented and statistics were laid out. He made it interactive, asking viewers for suggestions; asking them to get involve in eradicating the issues.

“I cried when I saw the episode of female feticide and I wasn’t ashamed.

"My son was saying this is all drama but as a mother I can feel the pain the victims must have gone through, I don't care if Aamir's tears were meant for TV audience," said Anita P Choudhury, a mother of two boys.

Even Aamir was not spared by critics. Each episode was met with snide remarks about how Aamir was all teary eyed, how the camera zoomed at people sobbing and all this for TRPs.

The social networking websites were abuzz with discussions and debates.

Comments that came his way, whether negative or positive, worked. After all, any publicity is good publicity.

Tomojit Bhattacharjee wrote on his Facebook page, "Dear Aamir Khan, thanks a lot for 'Satyamev Jayate'. I know there r ppl who r finding faults with ur effort, but dont worry, u hav don a gr8 job nd all of us r with u".

Zahir Zakaria echoed Tomojit's view, "Some people have taken to fault-finding as a full time profession....but who cares about them.....those who do will do...those don't will sit and find faults."

Well it was not just getting the message across; Aamir did get some cash too.

Airtel is the title sponsor, while Aquaguard Axis Bank, Berger Paints, Skoda, Coca-Cola, Johnson & Johnson and Dixcy Textiles paid millions for the show.

Will Aamir make season 2?

"We have received a dream response. But it has been very difficult for us to review our work.

"So many things have happened that has made it difficult for our research team to go back to the fields and actually find out the actual impact we have created," Aamir said while interacting with listeners about his show at an Indian radio channel.

Aamir has enough on his plate for the time being as a movie actor and producer.

The chances of the male version of India's Opra Winfrey returning are high.

"Even if one life changes, one man or woman can stand up and fight the social evils Aamir's hard work will pay of. I will definetely like to see him again," says a young Indian Swati Verma.


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