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'22 ways to kill your boss' opens doors tomorrow

An art exhibition with a unique theme opens its doors in Dubai on Thursday [June 5, 2014].

“22 Ways to Kill Your Boss” showcases artists’ interpretations of thoughts that seem to rule your emotions and hopes. It’s an attempt to define subjectivity and expression, while living an artist's life stuck in the rat race. 

It showcases 22 original artworks by artists from 12 countries living in the UAE.

The event – which is curated by The Henosis Events (THE) team of artists, curators and educators based in the UAE – will be held at Ductac’s Gallery of Light on June 5,6 and 7.

“We are honoured to position this exhibition as a catalyst for reimaging our sense of freedom, place and community, and to feature the ground-breaking work of a significant group of artists who live and work in the UAE,” said doctor-artist Ashvin, who is also one of the curators for the event.

“This exhibition was overdue. Not just because we have angry emotions over spilling. It is a welcome opportunity to reconsider, through various political and aesthetic interventions by UAE artists, how the world's art history, contemporary beliefs, traditional techniques and creative freedom converge to tell one story,” said B'lu, writer-artist who is also a part of the core THE team.

“This is a powerful exhibition that is very much about this place and its timeless connection to artist's world view, one that continues to resonate with growth, performance and genuine human tendencies,” said Ram Nath II, one of the participating artists.