22-year-old Colombian model faces death penalty in China

Beauty queen of her district Columbian model Juliana Lopez was travelling through China, on her way home to compete in the Miss World Medellin beauty pageant.

22-year-old model had gone to China to purchase items for her trendy boutique back home.

This was almost a week ago.

Shortly thereafter, her family lost contact and got in touch with the Colombian embassy.

They were shocked to learn she had been arrested and could face execution.

Chinese officials told the family Lopez was caught with a large quantity of a banned substance inside her laptop, local newspaper El Tiempo reported.

Officials have not said what kind of substances were smuggled, but have mentioned that it was a large quantity.

Family is now desperately trying to raise funds to be visit and cover Ms Lopez's legal costs.

The Colombian Foreign Ministry is reportedly assisting the young woman as the investigation goes on. It is expected to take up to two years.

Ms Lopez joins 138 prisoners in China's jails. China has the highest execution rate of any country, and carries out more executions than the rest of the world combined, according to Amnesty International.

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