Aamir Khan’s TV debut gets celeb world abuzz

Many in Bollywood have come out in support of the actor, expect Kamaal R Khan, who has churned out a spate of hate messages against “Satyamev Jayate” on Twitter

He came. He spoke. The audience wept.

This is the common thread that ties together the vast majority of viewers across India who tuned into Bollywood’s perfectionist Aamir Khan, as he debuted on TV with his show ‘Satyamev Jayate’.

While the social media world is agog with tweets and Facebook posts over the first episode – with Satyamev Jayate even trending in the UAE on Twitter at the number one spot – even celebrities have taken to their phones and laptops to gush along with India as Khan deals with the sensitive issue of female foeticide in the show’s first episode.

National award winning director of hard hitting films such as “Fashion” and “Page 3”, Madhur Bhandarkar tweeted: “Now television will no longer be called an idiot box. The vision of television broadens up with #SatyamevJayate [sic].”

Award winner and humanitarian actor Shabana Azmi tweeted: “Aamir Khan’s show can bring a revolution. Thoroughly researched, covers all aspects, touches emotional chord and forces us to re examine ourselves.”

Former police chief and activist Kiran Bedi said: “I would give full marks to Aamir Khan’s TV programme “Satyamev Jayate”; very creative, evidence based and emotionally connecting, inspiring!”

Pal and actor Preity Zinta added: “Watching Aamir Khan on “Satyamev Jayate” discussing female foeticide. I love this effort from him and thank him as a woman.”

Meanwhile Indian film critic Taran Adarsh said: “There are stars. There are superstars. But there’s one superhero – Aamir Khan #SatyamevJayate.”

Former MTV India VJ Mini Mathur added: “Aamir Khan I am so proud of you. You have put your stature to use in the most straight and compelling way. TV has woken up to a new era.”

Yet, while everyone is singing praises for the perfectionist Khan, some even weeping during the show, small time actor and former Dubai resident Kamaal R Khan turned the tables on the superstar tweeting a spate of hate messages, saying: “The TRP of #SatyamevJayate was 0.35 means all time biggest flop show.”

He went on to add: “15 crore (150million) poor sleep without food everyday. Every year thousands of farmer do suicide. At least 50 poor die on the roads in Mumbai everyday.

“Parents and relatives killed minimum 200 boys and girls in north India every year in the name of honour. But nobody gives s*** about all this.

“So people will not give s*** about #SatyamevJayate even for few weeks and the show will discontinue. Nobody cares about problems of others here.”

While the perfectionist Khan’s namesake may not have been won over, India has if the comments and blogs are anything to go by.

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