Agent Vinod needs no publicity: Saif Ali Khan

Saif Ali Khan’s hot-headed attitude has garnered the actor enough limelight in the past two days. However this incident comes at a point, a time when his dream movie “Agent Vinod” is close to release.

While theories were floating that the “ugly incident” was planned publicity, the nawab completely denies the happening. Saif says, “We don’t need such kind of publicity, such negative things are completely unwarranted.”

Agent Vinod is made under Saif’s banner Illuminati Films and as a producer he doesn’t like such cheap gimmicks. “It usually depends on the class and kind of a production house. We didn’t want to create newspaper headlines which would create shock and sensationalism. This kind of stuff doesn’t suit our production house. I don’t believe in garnering publicity in such a negative manner. Rather our posters and promos should create the right kind of buzz,” says Saif.

In an official statement the actor had said that the brawl was a result of self-defence as even the ladies were present, there was bad language used, but became abusive and was difficult to handle.

However, being a famed name Saif feels that being a celebrity means you are constantly under the scanner, and people are watchful of all things you do. “I try to control as much as I can, in every situation. We are examples for our fans and there is always a camera around. But even we are normal people. We need to react correctly to set an example for others,” says Saif.

On the occasion, Saif was dining with girlfriend Kareena Kapoor and other Bollywood friends - Karisma Kapoor; Malaika Arora Khan, Amrita Arora Ladak and her husband Shakeel Ladak.

Coming out in Saif’s defence Amrita stated, “It is sad that celebrities are becoming victims of other people who want their 15 minutes of fame. And if the people concerned were assaulted so badly, how come they were fit enough to be on television and give interviews all day.”


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