Bollywood buzz: Amitabh and Naseer to clash!

Amitabh and Naseer to clash!
Naseeruddin Shah and Amitabh Bachchan have not been the greatest of friends and admirers of each other’s work. Both have shunned each other or tried to avoid talking about each other. Both of them have been big stars in different genres of cinema.
While Amitabh Bachchan has been the god of commercial cinema, Naseeruddin Shah has been unparalleled in parallel cinema. And now both of them will be locking horns in Ram Gopal Varma’s film 'Department'.
A confrontation scene between the two of them is said to be the reason Amitabh Bachchan is even doing the film after rejecting it initially.
Naseeruddin Shah also is said to have picked up the role offered to him by Ramu, who came to watch his play on GB Shaw’s penwork Arms And the Man, was impressed and asked Naseersaab to play a role in his film and Shah agreed.
Sources close to Ramu say that the actor was waiting to work with the director. Maybe Shah has not seen 'Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag'? Well, tell me the names of ten people who have.
Queue to sign Tiger
Tiger Shroff (AGENCIES)
Even though we have been clearly informed that it will be indeed Subhash Ghai who is all set to launch Tiger Shroff, son of Jackie Shroff as a hero in the remake of the Jackie Shroff starrer 'Hero',
there are many others who want to try and get a hand on this kid who looks like a firebrand.
The son of Ayesha and Jackie Shroff has been training hard to ensure that he emulates his father and does far better as an actor too. 
And now Aamir Khan has also expressed interest to cast Tiger in one of his productions, but wants the actor to make that film as his debut venture.
Abbas Mustan have also seen and liked the boy and ditto with Imtiaz Ali who says that he sees shades of himself in Tiger.
Even Ritesh Sidhwani of Excel Entertainment wants
Tiger to make his debut with his production. We know that this excitement is only as good as it lasts and if Tiger’s debut film is not as good and he is not as appreciated, all this brouhaha will subside. But till that time Tiger Shroff is in demand, and Jackie and son are in a dilemma as to which platform they should use to get launched.
Killing Laden film may be killed
'Tere Bin Laden' (SUPPLIED)
Director Abhishek Sharma made a wonderful film called 'Tere Bin Laden' and it is being said that he has finished working on a sequel to his film.
The new film is also a comedy and will be having a few references to the killing of Osama Bin Laden. But then, Abhishek is being advised now not to poke fun at Laden because the producers fear a backlash with Laden dead.
So in all probability the new comedy script on the killing of Laden may well be killed before it mounts the drawing board.
Abhishek, however, has another rollicking comedy up his sleeve which may be made soon with the same company that helped him make his movie debut.
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