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18 July 2024

‘Gunday’ tips on how to woo Priyanka Chopra

By Bindu Suresh Rai

What do you get when three madcap, media savvy stars face the cameras?

Try a whole lot of juicy tidbits and some interesting revelations that include insights into wooing the eligible Priyanka Chopra, what Ranveer Singh really does in his spare time (and no we don’t mean Deepika Padukone) and does Arjun Kapoor really have those six-pack abs.

Sharing a chemistry that went beyond the general camaraderie that is often faked for the shutterbugs in the celebrity circles, the trio of Bollywood stars was in Dubai for the world premiere of the latest Yash Raj Films release, ‘Gunday’.

Amidst the goofing around and one-upmanship, Emirates24|7 did manage to coerce the stars into hunkering down for a face/off with some startling responses.

A dummies guide to woo Priyanka

Ranveer spilled the beans saying: “This one year, if it’s the one thing I have known about Priyanka is that everything you do must have poetry in it if you want to woo her.”

A gushing Priyanka, who also writes poetry herself, agreed with the assessment before Ranveer butt in to continue: “She got an anonymous message the other day by some man and she was flat after reading it. The only mess up was that the guy didn’t give his name and number.

“It read something like ‘The moon lives in the light of your skin, which sparkles like a flame… The whole day she was gushing.”

To this, the 28-year-old said: “I was very impressed and it takes a lot to impress me.”

Ranveer’s hair-raising tale

Priyanka called it the fourth character in the film, with Ranveer’s lustrous hair taking on a life of its own.

Arjun was quick to jump in to say: “First it was a miracle to get Ranveer on the sets on time, considering he’s such a zombie in the morning. And then, his hair and make-up would take even longer than Priyanka dressing up.”

While the actress between the two brawny actors simply giggled in agreement saying he takes two hours, a sheepish Ranveer denied the charge.

Valentine Day plans

With the day of love also marking the global release of ‘Gunday’, Arjun piped up to say that he would be spending the day with Priyanka, while he would leave Ranveer and director Ali to double date along for the ride.

But is Arjun really the actress’s choice as a date?

Quiz her and she said: “With one lover you get the other one free so why pick one?”

Deepika, sorry, but you appear to be on your own here.

Who is the real thug amongst them?

“Ali,” piped Ranveer. “This man is the man in charge and he makes it known.”

Jumping quick to his defense, Priyanka stated: “No, he does not make it known. That’s cool part about Ali. He will get you to do what he wants.”

Arjun simply pointed his finger at Priyanka saying: “She’s a subtle one. The whole movie is over and you realise right in the end that she’s had her way all along.”

Would Ranveer, Arjun have swapped roles?

Arjun stated: “In retrospect, it was Ali’s masterstroke to not allow us to play the cliché of me being the laidback one and Ranveer being the aggressive one, in terms of balance of energy.”

Ranveer agreed saying: “One hundred and ten per cent I wanted to play Bala when I read the script.”

But what about Nandita’s role?

Priyanka jumped into say: “Nandita was his favourite character. He even started to work out for the character, considering how desperately he wanted to wear the heels and do the cabaret.”

What’s with the style makeover, Ranveer?

Arjun revealed: “Ranveer loves to tan. It is what you would call his hobby. It’s therapeutic for him.”

Ranveer on the other hand, dropped his own gems about his fashion statements of late, mocking himself saying some of his own clothes resemble furnishing upholstery and that even he sometimes looks back on his fashion thinking it as “ghastly.”

Dressed in a suit that resembled a curtain or sofa cover, Ranveer continued: “I am called in the morning to select my clothes. And I damn sleepy, almost in a comatose state. So they give me things, I say ‘yeah yeah’ this looks good. But when I step out in them, I go shucks!”

Ranveer continued: “All I see is black or dark blue or grey and I get fried seeing these colours and I want to wear something different; for my own amusement. It’s born out of boredom. I feel good when I step out of the house looking like this.”

To this Priyanka added: “I just think he picks up the upholstery and wears it.”

As the room erupted in laughter, it’s this very camaraderie that has fared well in the early reviews of the action-comedy set in the 1970s, where Ranveer and Arjun play best friends and coal bandits who fall in love with a cabaret dancer, played by Priyanka.

Irrfan Khan plays the cop chasing the duo.

The movie is on general release in the UAE from Thursday.