I don’t care what people say about me: Salman


We have all heard of how interfering Salman Khan has become in all his movies.

Anees Bazmee is now getting the treatment that newbie Abhinav Kashyap got in the film Dabanng.

Bazmee has been kept out of the editing and the colour correction called the Digital Intermediate of the movie Ready.

Salman wants to get the film done his way and he has no qualms about it anymore. The actor is now clear that he has over two decades of experience in the profession and had it not been for his ‘interference’ Dabangg would not be a huge hit.

“Earlier I would keep quiet thinking that people would then call me an interfering actor and all that. I didn’t want that kind of a feeling. But then I realised that if it is for the good of the film then why not. I don’t care what people say anymore,” is the refrain that Pocket Hercules adopts these days.

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