Is Kareena Kapoor ready to work with Shahid Kapoor?

The actress hopes for a 'Jab We Met 2' in the making

Kareena Kapoor's latest solo movie 'Heroine' has concluded the first weekend with a decent collection at the Indian Box Office.

The movie may not have fared well with the critics but Kareena collected all the applauds for her role and a powerful performance.

Kareena plays a shining actress Mahi Arora who seems to be slowly losing her sheen all thanks to her personal life and erratic mood swings.

Many critics have written off 'Heroine' but for Kareena’s performance.

So after giving a powerful and unconventional performance what is Kareena the real actress now hoping for?

Kareena revealed she would love to play Geet of 'Jab We Met' once again to an Indian daily, "I don't mind playing the bubbly Geet kind of character again. Maybe Imtiaz Ali should come up with a 'Jab We Met 2'." 

"It'll be good fun. Before you ask me who the cast should be, well. I am the lead actor in the film, it should be Imtiaz's choice and I'll be fine working with anyone," she continued.

Does that mean Kareena is now ready to work with her ex-boyfriend Shahid Kapoor who was also her co-star in 'Jab We Met'?

Director Imtiaz Ali had cast real life couple Shahid Kapur and Kareena Kapoor in his romantic comedy back in 2007.

Though the movie collected rave reviews both for Kareena and Shahid many did not know that the couple got separated during the filming of 'Jab We Met'.

Kareena had fallen for Saif Ali Khan and her relationship with Shahid hit rock bottom.

After their much publicised breakup the two actors did not work together neither did they share any platform together.

With Kareena's recent statement it looks like the actress let the bygones be bygones and decided to work with Shahid again.

What remains to be seen is Shahid's reaction and will he accept the role if offered to him.

With the recent series of flops and the way Shahid's career is going, he shouldn't rubbish the idea of working with the much in demand Kareena.

And, when Kareena doesn't have a problem working with anyone, we wonder why would Shahid have a problem in any case!

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