Love and boyfriends, by Deepika Padukone

In an exclusive interview the Bollywood star opens up on life in tinsel town. And why love deserves a second chance

She is being talked about as the most promising fresh talent of Bollywood and giving credence to these claims are some of her biggest hits like Om Shanti Om and Housefull. Deepika Padukone has come a long way since she played Shanti opposite SRK and her role as a blind dancer in Lafangey Parindey saw her mature as an actor. The leggy lass is now all set to entertain the audience as Aaliya Khan opposite Imran in Kunal Kohli’s ‘Break Ke Baad.’

This movie about coming of age and relationships has taught Deepika a lesson or two in real life she confides. “After doing the movie, I came to know that people can actually give their love life a second try after putting in some space between each other. The concept is very new for me as I hail from a conservative family. Also I have grown up watching elders being happily married and spending their life with one person without ever wanting a break. I also learnt that a certain amount of tolerance is needed to make a relationship work,” she says.

The model-turned-actor who went through a much hyped break up with Ranbir Kapoor  feels if there is no scope of a reconciliation it’s better to move on.“ I feel if a relationship has turned sour then one needs to move on in life. There is no point in sitting and crying over the spilt milk. It’s important to move on in life. We all have strength within ourselves to control our feelings and go ahead. We need to leave all the negativity that we may have experienced in our relationship and move on,” opines Deepika.

But moving on doesn’t mean severing all ties with your ex-flame, you can still be friends claims the actor. “When in relationship we feel that person is very important to us. The moments spent with him/her memorable. But when a relationship doesn’t work out you need not harbour any grudges. Instead create positivity, carry all the good things and maintain your friendship with him/her,” she quips.

Much has been written about Deepika and Ranbir some of it true and some of it mere rumours. But when asked about her ex-beau, Deepika does not restrain from commenting. “As I have said earlier too we are good friends,” avers the actor.

Having learnt from experience, Deepika also has a bit of advice for the ones coping with a break up. “Maintaining a relationship requires a lot of give and take. Sacrifices have to be made by both the couple.

Establishing a comfort level is also essential to carry forward a relationship.  But if it still does not work out then we need not give up life. We need to attend to so many other things in our life time.

It’s important to keep ourselves busy by taking interest in our work.

Time is a great healer and you will gradually get over it,” she says with conviction.

And she has moved on as she is currently said to be dating business tycoon Sidharth Mallya, but once bitten twice shy, Deepika is cautious about talking of her present relationship. “I will not comment on this. A lot of media attention was given to my personal life because I was vocal about my relationship with Ranbir. Hence, I have decided to not talk about my personal life anymore,” she confirms.

But recently did she go for an eye check up with Sidharth as was quoted by many newspapers? “Smiles…I have my glasses. I don’t need to go for an eye check up now. Things were blown out of proportions by the media.” she replies.

Moving on to discussing about friends and foes in the industry, Deepika clarifies that all is well between her and Sonam. “I have no grudges against Sonam. It’s the media that’s creating such hypes. Karan’s show is not to be taken seriously. He asks tongue in cheek questions but it is all done in good humour.”

She also maintains that she doesn’t have very close friends in Bollywood. “I am so busy that I do not have much time to find a best friend in the industry. Moreover, whenever we are working we meet each
other frequently, converse and then as soon as the film is over we don’t get to see each other. But while working together I have always shared a good rapport with my co-stars.” she declares.

Is it a conscious effort on her part to stay away from bonding much with the film fraternity because of the shallow relationships and double standard? Pat comes her reply, “There are no double standards in the industry. I would only say that sometimes they do not appreciate honest people. At times, honest assessments put them off. They should learn to accept things as they are and not crave for false appreciation.”

And last but not the least, talking about Break Ke Baad, she says, “In this film Danish Alam has tried to bring forth the contemporary love life of today’s youth."


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