Ranbir's 'Barfi!' beats Kareena's 'Heroine' at box office

'Barfi!' pockets more profit than the much-hyped 'Heroine'

It was one Kapoor pitted against another!

'Barfi!' beat 'Heroine' hands down.

As the Ranbir Kapoor-starrer 'Barfi!' gets ready for the Oscars, cousin Kareena Kapoor's 'Heroine' proved to be all hype which fizzled out at the Box Office.
Critics and audiences reacted to 'Heroine' alike, slamming it to be boring and a 10-year old story idea.

It felt as if Kareena repeated what Priyanka Chopra did in 'Fashion'.

Critics wrote it off as a mixture of Madhur Bhandarkar's previous hits 'Page 3' and 'Fashion'.
On the other hand Ranbir's 'Barfi!', a love story about a differently-abled - a deaf and mute man - and his autistic friend seems to have warmed millions of hearts in India.

'Barfi!' has been chosen as India's entry to the Academy Awards in the Best Foreign Language film category.
The film opened to rave reviews despite its unusual theme in an industry dominated by soppy romances or family dramas.

Critics praised performances by the film's lead actors Ranbir Kapoor and Priyanka Chopra.

The romantic comedy has touched viewers and critics with its simple, but powerful narrative. Theatres all across the board are still running full.

Project 'Barfi!' was completed with a budget of Dh30 million but has pocketed Dh80m just within India.
Whereas 'Heroine', earned Dh32m but was made at a budget of Dh20m. it has recovered the cost, but is not termed a success.

As far as the international markets are concerned 'Barfi!' is ruling the roost here too.

It has earned $4.82 million, while 'Heroine' collection is $1.75 million as of last Tuesday.

'Heroine' is working wonders in the overseas market. But the film has failed to create waves in India.

Although the film was expected to get a huge opening and the producers released 2000 plus prints, the film didn't live up to expectations.
The 'Barfi!' craze has sustained and is resonating in the second weekend and weekdays which is a rare phenomenon.

Exhibitors all across have retained a good number of shows despite new releases.

In this first clash of the Kapoor clan in the Box Office, Ranbir has definitely scored over cousin Kareena. Now, it's Bebo's turn to level the scores.

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