Salman Khan's heart-warming family story

Bollywood actor Salman Khan at his residence with father Salim Khan. Salman's five-year prison sentence for killing a homeless man with his SUV after a night out drinking 13 years ago was suspended on May 8, 2015, pending an appeal. (Sanskriti Media and Entertainment)

Even as Salman Khan's second Indo-Pakistan saga after 'Ek Tha Tiger' – 'Bajrangi Bhaijaan' - has success at the box office, uniting all religions alike in the movie halls, the actor lets us into a secret his family, which has people from various religions.

Salman's father is Muslim and his first mother Salma was born a Hindu and his second mother Helen is Christian.

One of his brothers Suhail is married to a Hindu, Seema, and his other brother is married to a Punjabi Christian Malaika Arora.

All major festivals are celebrated in the Khan household.

Here's a flash back.

"It is a long story," says Salman Khan. "My father and my mother were dating in those days in Mumbai.

"My father felt that my grandfather will have some issues over our relationship. So they used to meet up quietly at Mahim in central Mumbai and dated for over five years. “My father was a film actor in those days. So my mother’s family sent her away for two years. My mother made it very clear that she could be sent away physically from my father, but she will not go away from his life and would marry him only, and they got married,” says Salman Khan.

The story doesn’t end here.

"My grandfather had made it clear that he will not have any relationship with my father if he married my mother. But my uncle was the one who kept in touch with all of them.

"My maternal grandfather was skeptical not because of my father’s religion. But the fact that my father was a movie actor bothered him.

"He felt that my father would go around with Bollywood actresses and not take care of my mother. My paternal grandfather was very angry with my father,” adds Salman.

The animosity continued till one day Salman's grandfather met Salim Khan on the road.

"Sohail had just been born. My grandfather clasped my father’s hand and apologised for having alienating him for five years.

“He said that the family would never have any differences or any problems about anyone's religion in the future and all got well," smiles the 'Pocket Hercules'.

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