Warne is worth it, says Liz Hurley

Newly divorced mother-of-one, Liz Hurley has finally opened up about her relationship with Asutralian cricketer Shane Warne and revealed the biggest challenge they face as a couple. And it isn't their different backgrounds, reports UK's Grazia magazine.

Hurley, who, apart from her flirty tweets, has remained tight-lipped about the romance, admits she finds the long-distance relationship between her and her current boyfriend difficult.

"The biggest problem is we're 23-hours apart. It's a challenge. We'll see what happens," Hurley told the magazine.

But, she said, Warne is worth it.

"We come from very different worlds so I see that's fascinating, if not odd, to many," she said.

"It's not often you meet people you instantly feel comfortable with, and when you find that - even if there are vast differences and background and experiences - it's worth following through.


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