Why Badshah Khan is 'under a lot of pressure'

It's official - the Don will quit smoking. This time around can we be sure. Perhaps. Because Shah Rukh Khan has planned his modus operandi in detail even as he declares that he is currently under a lot of pressure and so needs to smoke. But after 'Don 2' is out he will bid goodbye to his vice, too.

“I will be doing it in a planned manner, by first reducing the number of butts I smoke a day and then finally giving it up,” says Shah Rukh Khan. 

“Currently, I am under a lot of pressure, and I need to smoke.” And after the debacle of ‘Ra. One’ we do understand your point and hope that this time the plan is executed.  

However, the rumours doing the rounds is about another sequel to the Don series. The origin of the speculation comes from the trailer of his current flick. 

In the promotional video of 'Don 2' release is a dialogue where SRK as Don says “Mr Malik, aap meri maa ko nahin jaante the”. And while one really  doesn’t know the context of this statement, a common speculation hints towards a ready plot for another ‘Don’ sequel.  

However, ask this to writer-director, Farhan Akhtar, and he says, “'Don 2’ is only about how Don became the Don. We can explore this angle in ‘Don 3’ perhaps.

” The hint is loud and clear: There is a trilogy planned. Question is who is planning, writing and directing. Food for thought since Farhan has till date said that ‘Don 2’ is his last film on Don. Guess, that’s the bane of a franchise, you can’t stop at one or two.

Battle of item girls - Rakhi Sawant: 1, Veena Malik: 0 

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