Has Bipasha Basu gone under the knife again?

Photo: Instagram

Well, it did seem like Bipasha may have done something to either her nose or her lips because Bipasha has chosen to cover her face twice in the past week when the paparazzi tried to grab her picture.

1: Bipasha was travelling with husband Karan Singh Grover in their car with the hubby at the helm. The actress quickly covered her face with a book and peeped through the book and did not allow the paparazzi to take any pictures of her face.

2: Bipasha came to see off Karan off at the airport today and she preferred to hide her face with her T Shirt though it looked rather awkward and then tried covering her nose and lips with a kerchief.

It can be recalled that just last week Bipasha was spotted at Salman Khan’s house for Ganapati and has also been seen at a book launch and other events before that.

But then there was none of these antics present. Normally actresses tend to hide their faces either when they do not want to be seen with someone, but that was not the case here because she was with her husband.

We await and answer from the actress.