Hollywood Gossip: Angelina Jolie wanted to cut nude scenes

Angelina Jolie was worried about appearing naked in 'By The Sea' after undergoing a double mastectomy, but forced herself to go through with a bathtub scene.


The 40-year-old director, who underwent a preventative double mastectomy and reconstructive surgery in February 2013 to reduce her chances of being developing breast cancer as it runs in her family, admits she worried about appearing naked in a bathtub in the new film, in which she also stars alongside husband Brad Pitt, as a result of the procedure.

She said: "There were lots of scenes I wanted to change or cut. I realised it was going to be me [naked] in that bathtub. But I told myself, put all of that aside. Like, you can't change or cut this scene because you've had a mastectomy, or because we're married and people are going to analyse this or that. That would be cheating."


The Oscar winner also feared the film, which tells the tale of an unhappily married couple, would drive a wedge between her and Brad, 51, as they filmed it on their "honeymoon" in Malta shortly after tying the knot in the South of France in August 2014.

She told the New York Times: "A few days into filming I thought: This is such a bad idea. What was I thinking? This is going to destroy us before we've even gotten started. But by the time we got to the end of the film, we'd argued, challenged each other, disappointed each other, had good days, bad days, all of it. We'd pushed through, learned something about each other, found a new working relationship and came to like the idea of 'Yeah, it gets really bad, but you work it out.' "


Angelina Jolie inspired by mum for 'By The Sea'

Angelina Jolie was inspired to write 'By The Sea' by the grief she felt when her mother died.


The 40-year-old actress wanted to explore grief in the film - in which she and her husband Brad Pitt portray a couple whose marriage is at breaking point - and admits she drew on her feelings when her mum Marcheline Bertrand died of cancer in 2007.

Angelina shared: "I wrote 'By the Sea' because I wanted to explore grief. Much of the film and my character are very much about my mother and my feelings about my mother."

A scene in the movie - both written and directed by Angelina - sees actor Niels Arestrup discuss grief and the filmmaker thought it summed up her own feelings.


She added: "When the bartender speaks and speaks about loss, that's how I reflect on her, that's how I feel about her, her death. Everybody in the film represents a different way of addressing grief. Some have yet to experience it, some are able to come to terms with it and some are overwhelmed by it.

Meanwhile the star admitted the independent film doesn't tick "every box".

Angelina continued: "I love films that make you walk away thinking and still trying to put the pieces together. That's the beauty and they don't have to reach every audience, they don't have to check every box. You can leave things open, unanswered, because that's what life is like."

Angelina Jolie says marriage felt 'casual' after adoption

Angelina Jolie admits she and Brad Pitt were legally married "in the most unceremonial way possible" and it felt "very casual" in comparison to him adopting her first children.


The couple took part in a brief civil ceremony in Los Angeles before their intimate wedding at their Chateau Miraval home in the South of France in August 2014, and the 'By the Sea' director recalls it feeling very strange.

The 40-year-old star explained: "The ceremony was in France, but we had to do things legally in California. One day I was in the edit room, and [Brad] was doing something and an assistant said, 'You have to sign some papers.' So we came back and between meetings we were told, 'Here's your licence.' Then someone said, 'The judge is outside.' We both said, 'What do you mean, the judge is outside?' Then the judge came in, this lovely guy, and at some point, Brad said, 'Shouldn't we be standing up?' The judge said, 'No.' Then suddenly we realised we were married, in the most unceremonial way possible."

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The Oscar winner, who raises Maddox, 14, Pax, 11, Zahara, 10, Shiloh, nine, and seven-year-old twins Knox and Vivienne with her husband, says getting married felt "very casual" compared to Brad's decision to legally adopt her first two children after they started dating in 2005.

She told the New York Times: "For me, the big moment was when [we] signed the [joint adoption] papers for Maddox and Zahara. That was a decision to parent together, to commit to being a part of each other's lives for the rest of my life. So [marriage] wasn't close in comparison. In a way, it was very casual."

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