Is Salman Khan going soft on friend-turned-foe Shah Rukh?

Beefy actor wants Shah Rukh's films to do well

Bollywood Star Salman Khan who is observing Ramadan fast his year looks to be in good spirit.

Talking to an Indian daily Salman Khan said that he wishes good for Shah Rukh Khan and wants his films to do well.

Not long ago arch rival Salman and Shah Rukh would not let an interview or press conference go by without taking a dig at each other.

The hostility shared between the two actors seems to be now mellowing down. But all this wishes are purely professional; their personal equation has not been great for the past few years.

Nevertheless, some start is better than the bitter feeling they harboured since the infamous fight between them few years back on Katrina Kaif’s birthday party.

Now coming back to Salman's quote and putting it in context; Salman was asked about work pressure and competition in the industry.

Talking to DNA, Salman said that there is a very strong and healthy competition and it’s only increasing in Bollywood.

He said he also want everyone’s films to do well including Aamir (Khan), Ajay (Devgn), Akshay (Kumar), Shah Rukh (Khan).

When asked why Shah Rukh considering the equation the two share. He said he wants his films to do well and the feeling is completely professional.

He pointed out that when a movie is being made there are hundreds of people involved and everyone needs the movie to do good so for that reason he wishes SRK's movie also to go good.

Salman who was suffering from nerve disorder is now off medication and feeling absolutely fine.

His 'Ek Tha Tiger' is scheduled to be released on August 15 during the Eid. Every year Eid has proved to be lucky for Salman and he hopes this time too it bring him good news.


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