Jilted bride attempts suicide in wedding dress

A 22-year-old woman in a wedding gown is grabbed by Guo Zhongfan, a local community officer, as she attempts to kill herself by jumping out of a seven-storey residential building in Changchun, Jilin province May 17, 2011. According to local media, the woman tried to commit suicide after her boyfriend of four years broke up with her, just as they were making plans to get married. The woman did not sustain any injuries during the incident. (REUTERS)

A bride dumped by her fiance is dramatically rescued as she threatens to jump from a high rise building in her wedding dress in northeast China on Tuesday, CBS News reported.

The 22-year-old college student sat on the window ledge of the building in Changchun city, the capital of Jilin province.

She was seen sobbing and swinging her legs out the window for over an hour before policemen arrived to the scene, Changchun Television reported.

Li threatened to jump saying she could not live with the fact that her fiance had left her and married another woman just days before their wedding, local television said.

Li, who lived on the fourth floor of the building made her way to another flat on the seventh floor with the aim to jump.

Police called the distressed bride-to-be's mother and other relatives after Li dropped her bag containing her mobile phone from the building, media reports said.

A group of men which included policemen entered into the seventh-floor flat to stop her.

Television pictures then showed one man, community officer Guo Zhongfan holding Li by her neck and arms as she dangled above the street.

Changchun Television said she had pushed herself off the ledge and was grabbed by Guo.

A man in the apartment below reached out of the window and pushed Li's feet up, as Guo pulled her to safety.

At least a hundred people witnessed the rescue from the ground and applauded Guo's heroic act.

Policemen and relatives tried to reach Li's former fiance by phone but failed to make contact with him, Changchun TV reported. 

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