Kangana Ranaut’s quirkiness has a lot to do with her pal Rajat Tangri

Rajat Tangri’s Label ‘Rajat K Tangri’ is a name to look out for. (SUPPLIED)

Ever wondered how Kangana Ranaut manages to stay fashionably ahead every time she's on the fashion circuit?
From flashing her dramatic pose on the red carpet, to flaunting her exclusive designer wardrobe; Kangana rarely commits a fashion blunder.
And, she banks on good friend and stylist Rajat to help her source the finest in fashion.
His is a tireless job, wherein he must ensure that Kangana never make a fashion slip-up.


Rajat Tangri has been working with the spirited Kangana Ranaut for almost three years now. He’s exclusively responsible for how she looks on-screen, and off it.

And that’s not all, he has his own label, which is favoured by Kangana and other celebs like Priyanka Chopra and Anushka Sharma.

Kangana Ranaut poses during the third season of the Celebrity Cricket League (CCL) curtain raiser event in Mumbai. (AFP)

Having trained in Australia, Rajat returned to India to find himself sucked into the Bollywood circuit. It was a natural transformation considering he was “associated with a lot of Bollywood people”.

He started out styling his friends, and Kangana is “one of (his) closest friends”.

The friendship doesn’t take away the gravity of the job, which keeps Rajat on style duty round the clock. It can be demanding, but Rajat appears relaxed and in control.

“Working with someone like Kangana is not stressful at all. She’s very switched on when it comes to fashion. But, if the celeb is not clued in, and is depending only on you, then it can get tough.

“Her fashion sense is amazing. And, our sensibilities are quite similar. We go shopping together, and often end up picking out the same outfits.”

Although there have been few fashion disputes, over choice of shoes and stuff, it gets sorted without any drama. “We do talk it out, and in the end, she does listen to me.”

But, if there’s anything Kangana dislikes, it’s the colour black. “She tries to avoid wearing black as much as she can. But, I like black, and I try to add it whenever I can.

“She is very open-minded and experimental. There’s not much that she hates.”

While the media tactlessly trashes celebs if they aren’t well turned out, Rajat does not let the negativity affect him. “You just have to take it in your stride. Fashion is very subjective. There have been cases when she has received flak, but as long as she is confident and can carry it off, there’s no issue.”