Kareena's Saif steers away from ‘friends’

Saif Ali Khan has turned a recluse. Unlike his gregarious wife Kareena Kapoor Khan, Saif now wants to be around his work and not get into the Bollywood party scene anymore. His recent birthday party earlier this month saw him party with family and very close family friends only and there was no big party organised for alleged friends from Bollywood.

“Saif has realised that friends in Bollywood are only fairweather ones and their friendship actually does not mean anything except to party during happy times and not entertain you when the going is tough. Saif’s films have not been doing well at all of late and he has understood that his so-called friends from Bollywood only want to work and hobnob with the successful. So, he has decided to stay away from the limelight,” says a source close to Saif.

Saif has been perturbed by the box office failures too and understands that partying will not boost his films anyway. All his films starting with Bullett Raja, Humshakals, Happy Ending, Phantom and lately Rangoon have tanked at the box office and his big filmmaker friends too have stayed away from him. “Saif is of royal blood. He is now the nawab of Pataudi and he has to have his lifestyle and life the way he wants it. He does not need the publicity nor the money from films to run his life. So he has decided to stay aloof from the Bollywood soirees.

One has also noted that 47-year-old Saif has changed his wardrobe. Unlike his old flashy self, Saif now wears clothing that suits his age.