Kim Kardashian finds best angle

Kim Kardashian (GETTY/GALLO)

Kim Kardashian has perfected a pose that stops her nose looking "too Armenian".

The reality TV star - who is of Armenian descent on her father's side - was turned down for cosmetic surgery on her hooter, but has learned to alter her expressions to minimise the facial feature.

She said: "I went to a plastic surgeon to see if I could get my Armenian nose corrected and he said he wouldn't do it as I didn't need it.

"But in some photographs it looks a little too Armenian, so you'll notice that I always keep my face tilted down to stop the shadows."

While the surgeon may have refused to alter Kim's nose, she found it odd that he would have operated on her sister, Kourtney - who didn't even want the procedure.

She added: "Funnily enough, the plastic surgeon said he'd do my sister Kourtney's nose, even though she was only there to hold my hand. It was very funny!"

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