Kim Kardashian moves: From Kanye to Beyonce

Two divas in Birmingham cheering on their beaus, Kanye West and Jay-Z, as they performed

The world is indeed reeling from the shock and the possible ramifications of this newfound friendship that has united the music world’s darling and the media’s most controversial child in a surprise move that no one saw coming.

Yes, we are talking about the Beyonce Knowles and the Kim Kardashian bonding in Birmingham that has taken the social media world by storm and promoted many celebrity gossip hacks to predict the implications of this paparazzi merger.

The unlikely duo was caught having a good time in the UK this weekend, while attending Kanye West’s ‘Watch the Throne’ tour, where he performs with Beyonce’s husband, Jay-Z.

News of this pairing broke on a micro blogging sit when a fellow Twitter fan, Luke Parfitt, snapped a picture of the two stunners attempting to hide their starry presence in a mosh pit, while surrounded by three security honchos.

Parfitt confirmed the same with his follow up tweet: “The actual Beyonce and the actual Kim Kardashian in an actual mosh pit. It was nuts. They were right in the middle of it!”

E! reality star, Kardashian, 31, was dressed in a demure black top with her trademark mane bunched in a high pony tail, while the 16-time Grammy Award winner, 30, was dress in a white tee and leather leggings.

There has been a lot of media speculation ever since the Kardashian-West romance heated up that Beyonce was keeping the former diva out of the same camera frame as her while Jay-Z toured with them.

But it seems that the two have discovered they have a lot to talk about apparently.

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