Lady Gaga 'emotional' over ex

Lady Gaga (AP)

Lady Gaga gets emotional when she sings the song she wrote about her ex-boyfriend.

The eccentric singer wrote 'You and I' for her former love Luc Carl when the couple were still dating and she admitted performing it now brings up memories from the past.

She explained to US Weekly: "There is not one song on any of my records that wasn't written by me, and I think when you write your own music you find ways to reinvent [the songs] emotionally through yourself and performance so that they are different every night and that song you know, sometimes it's about the guys and sometimes its about the fans."

Although her latest record 'Born This Way' broke records -selling over one million copies in the US alone during its first week of release - Gaga believes forging a relationship with her fans is more important that her chart success.

She said: "The greatest gift, was that I would have such a close connection with my fans and that's the greatest accomplishment of my life so far. Truthfully, the greatest accomplishment in my career thus far is that I truly have a genuine, authentic, and beautiful relationship with little monsters. That makes it all worth it."

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