Mallika Sherawat-Vivek Oberoi share T-shirt for poster

Filmmakers are pushing the envelope for publicity gimmick

Vivek Oberoi and Mallika Sherawat shared an extra-large T-shirt to unveil the poster of their movie 'Kismet, Love, Paisa, Dillli' (KLPD).

If they wanted to grab attention they did well. But all that attention was not in admiration, some audiences were aghast at the promotional gimmick.

Vivek and Mallika arrived at a suburban mall, Mumbai, in front of hundreds of onlookers getting cozy in a single T-shirt.

Incidentally this also turned out to be the first look of the film.

The tee had ‘scr***d’ printed across and people wondered if the actors had any clothes on beneath the T-shirt.

Vivek wore nothing to cover his hairy legs and it was appalling as to how far Bollywood would go while they are on promotional spree.

They are taking the phrase 'any publicity is good publicity' too seriously.

Vivek has been struggling for a hit for long now and Mallika showed no acting mettle besides being a fodder for gossip.

Both need a hit movie to lift their career. So the actors indulge in any category of stunt to generate more buzz and more interest.

KLPD revolves around one night, when Vivek's character has to deal with four things kismet (destiny), love, paisa (money) in Dilli (Delhi).


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