Naomi's boyfriend to build her 'Eye of Horus' home

Vladislav Doronin and Naomi Campbell (GETTY/GALLO)

Love is recession-proof. At least if you’re a billionaire.

(Picture: Luis De Garrido/ Courtesy

Ever since the Taj Mahal, expressing your devotion in terms of an iconic architectural marvel has been one way of keeping property values in an area afloat.

Former supermodel Naomi Campbell is the latest to be at the receiving end of a super-ambitious luxury home.

(Picture: Luis De Garrido/ Courtesy

According to media reports her billionaire boyfriend, Russian Vladimir Doronin, has offered to build her luxury island home shaped like the ‘Eye of Horus’.

The luxurious eco-mansion is to be built on an island off the coast of Turkey. The island home is to be designed by Spanish architect Luis de Garrido.

(Picture: Luis De Garrido/ Courtesy

The glass-domed retreat, built on the island of Isla Playa de Cleopatra, will be completely water and energy self-sufficient, architecture website Inhabitiat reports.

The mansion, with 25 bedrooms, will also feature a huge landscaped terrace and a greenhouse-style roof to provide heating.

(Picture: Luis De Garrido/ Courtesy

The Egyptian Eye of Horus is a symbol of protection and royal power.

(Picture: Luis De Garrido/ Courtesy

Looks like Campbell is royally protected by boyfriend Vladimir.

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