No. This film is not Dhoom 4

When a film is without a title for a long while with just a few more months to go, the curiosity does increase.

And that is why rumour mongers in Bollywood who had earlier titled the Hrithik Vs Tiger project as fighter came up with another name – Dhoom 4. Yes, the rumour mills in Bollywood were buzzing with the news that the film starring Hrithik Roshan and Tiger Shroff in face off would be the fourth part in the action series from the Dhoom stable. The rumours also suggested that the title of the film would be revealed along with the poster of the movie only.

“The film is basically about an assassin who grooms another one and how both of them are then competing for a one upmanship on another target. Action is a major part of the film and that is one reason why the name must have floated around,” explains a trade know all.

But then a spokesperson from Yash Raj Films deny that the film has nothing to do with the Dhoom 4 franchise.

So as of now the film will still have to be called Hrithik Vs Tiger. Guess Bollywood should take a leaf out of the Tamil film industry and start billing films with a number – like how Vijay’s next film is #Thalapathy63.

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