Robert Downey Jr gives 'Iron Man' prosthetic arm to 7-year-old

Twitter: @RobertDowneyJr

Actor Robert Downey Jr became a real life superhero after he gifted a 3D bionic 'Iron Man' arm to a little boy who was born with a partially developed right arm.

In a video posted on Facebook on March 12, Robert Downey Jr dressed up as his fictional character Tony Stark to deliver a robotic Iron Man arm to Alex, who loves superheroes, reports


Alex was told he was meeting a bionic expert in a hotel room, but he had no idea it would be one of his favourite superhero characters Iron Man.

"Nice bow tie, by the way. How were your travels?" Robert told Alex.

Alex replied, "It's very good." Robert then opened two cases, written Stark Industries, with one containing Alex's new arm and another one containing a larger arm for the actor.

Twitter: @RobertDowneyJr

Twitter: @RobertDowneyJr

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