Saif wants a lot of money for Taimur


The most photographed star kid today, undoubtedly is Taimur Ali Khan. Cashing in on the visibility of the star kid, brands are now approaching Saif, Kareena and the star kid together for endorsements and the couple is not too keen to get him exposed to the spotlight beyond what he is seeing at the moment.

"Taimur is very young at the moment.  While a lot of other parents may be too happy to have their children model, parents who are in Bollywood don't want to expose their children to a lot more attention than what they are already privy to.  Hence both Saif and Kareena will be wary of such offers and won't agree at this juncture," says a trade source.

But Saif Ali Khan finally responded to our query on whether he would get Taimur to endorse any brand if offered one. “Well, it all depends on what kind of a brand or what kind of a toy he is being offered to endorse. If I get offered one, I will take it, but I will ask for a lot of money,” he guffaws.

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