Salman Khan rubbishes Facebook, Twitter; should fans unfollow?

Bollywood star Salman Khan asks his fans to make more constructive use of their time instead of exhausting it on social media.

From flaunting dashboard stomach to sporting stylish hairstyles, from romancing a bevy of beauties to courting controversies, Bollywood's Salman Khan is one of the most popular and bankable actors of the film industry.

On Facebook Salman Khan have followers (17,473,541 and counting) more than any other stars in India.

On Twitter even if he sneezes it gets re-tweeted a million times by his 7.37 million followers.

The 'Kick' actor has a Twitter account of his own and is often seen posting tweets on his page, promoting his films, songs, friends and different social causes.

Yet the popular actor thinks Twitter and Facebook is "rubbish" and waste of time.

The actor has termed all social networking sites as “bakwaas” (rubbish).
While promoting his upcoming film 'Kick' at a press conference, the actor was asked whether he is using the medium of Twitter or Facebook to do so.

Talking to a popular entertainment portal, the actor said, "It is the most redundant, faltu, bakwaas, cheej hai ye, Twitter aur Facebook, ki kuch nain hai toh baithe hain iske upar (It is the most useless thing this Twitter and Facebook. We don’t have much to do hence do all this).”
He further added that he tweets or uses Facebook when he is bored, but he gets responses as soon as he puts something which makes him wonder whether people have really no work to do.

Well Salman, even though you don’t like “social networking” very much, people do.

We wonder if the actor finds social media so rubbish why he uses it so often to promote his movies.

Not just his own work he also uses Facebook and Twitter to promote his protégé and heroines.

Point in case is his latest tweet about 'Kick's' new song "Hangover", he then went on to shower praises on his heroine Jacqueline Fernandez.

He tweeted: "She is lovely in hangover, yup ! Followed her, she is a lot of fun on insta n twitter. Glad u liked the song. Enjoy karo. Kal socha kya?"

Salman joined Twitter in 2010 and Facebook in 2012 and since then the actor has been using these social media platforms to endorse and connect with his fans.

Twitter has also come to play a big role whenever Salman wanted to clear the air about any controversy.

Point in case - while hosting controversial reality show "Bigg Boss 7" Salman faced a lot of criticism from viewers for being biased. The actor went on to Twitter and blasted of his fans and cleared his stand.

Not just promoting films, Salman uses social media to help the needy.

Recently, the ‘Dabangg’ star used Facebook/Twitter as a medium to get his fans employed. He was saddened by the unemployment rate among his fans and decided to help them.

Unfortunately, the Facebook page crashed because of high traffic (that's the effect Salman has on social media).

From posting personal pictures, chatting with fans, to catching up with colleagues, Bollywood celebrities these days are increasingly gung-ho about Social Networking.

But ‘connecting’ with fans across the globe is just one way of viewing this phenomenon.

Business and marketing angle is concealed behind these trends of ‘networking’ and ‘interaction’.

Social media is a strategy of enhancing one’s Personal Brand by making use of tools that can spread information like wildfire.

In essence, each of these Bollywood stars tends to gain a lot of personal attention, through the power that lies within social media platform.

In an age of instant communication, social media has had a tremendous impact on movie and television marketing, increasing awareness and visibility for a TV show or movie across the globe in a click — a lot clicks — of a button.

But Salman Khan still thinks it is "rubbish" and waste of time.