Salman Khan says no to Aamir Khan third wedding

Salman Khan and Aamir Khan usually indulge in a fun banter when it comes to the release of each other’s films. Aamir who usually makes some pokerfaced humour this time around said recently that he would like to tie Salman’s hands and legs and get him married. He had not put in his best efforts earlier and that he would do that soon.

Every year one hears of Salman’s impending wedding, be it with Katrina Kaif or his recent muse Iulia Vantur. And Salman has stayed away from speaking about when he wants to get married.

But then he did choose to respond to Aamir’s remark. “I will also make sure that he does not get married… a third time,” guffaws Salman in his inimitable style.

One may find Salman’s quip a bit below the belt, but that’s how Salman reacts, without thinking. Aamir obviously understands that Salman’s humour precedes his IQ levels and will continue the banter till Salman’s next offering releases.