'Star Trek Beyond' descends on Dubai: JLT, DIFC 'raided'


If you spot hordes of men and women in uniform combing your residential buildings and offices - do not be alarmed.

The 'Star Trek Beyond' cast and crew has descended on Dubai.

Pic: Asha Murali

Dubai Film and TV Commission announced that 'Star Trek Beyond', the latest film in the globally renowned sci-fi franchise, will film scenes in Dubai for 13 days, starting from October 1. 

They will be filming at the Sound Stages in Dubai Studio City as well as key indoor and outdoor locations throughout the city.

Pic: Screen grab


And while mysterious structures have come up and uniformed soldiers score down compounds in Dubai, footage of the shoot and several photograps have emerged in social media.

Secret footage of the new 'Star Trek' movie being filmed at Central Park Towers in the Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) has emerged on Sunday.

Pic: Asha Murali

Dressed in the distinctive Star Fleet uniform, members of the 'federation' can be seen around the set. One can also spot a spaceship, Star Fleet insignia and production crew giving instruction to the extras.

Video: Mallika Sarkar

The shoot is also taking place in several clusters of Jumeirah Lakes Towers and residents have been served notices to follow certain instructions during the shoot.

Arial and ground filming will take place till October 15.

The building owners have also been asked to follow certain guidelines during the shoot for the safety of the residents.

Residents have also been requested to keep their cars parked in underground facilities to avoid any damage.

The crew have been performing low level and close proximity flying ariel photography. The pilots involved in the shoots are experienced and were perviously part of other major films like 'Mission Impossible 4', 'Star Wars', and 'Fast and the Furious 7'.

Pic: Asha Murali

Some residents were even treated to signed 'Star Trek' merchandise and goodies but were requested not to interfere with filming and avoid taking photographs.

Pics: Mallika Sarkar

The producers revealed the franchise will be here for over two weeks as it wraps up the final shoot.

Producer Jeffery Chernov ‎refused to divulge the locales the film will be shooting at in Dubai, but revealed that nearly 600 people will be used in background shots with a local casting call that has over 225 from the emirate.

Pics: Asha Murali

The film's director and producer Justin Lin, executive producer Jeffrey Chernov, writers Douglas Jung and Simon Pegg and stars Pegg, Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Karl Urban, Anton Yelchin and Idris Elba are in the Emirates.

The fan-girl in me hopes to spot Chris Pine and Idris Elba in their suit soon.

Pic: Asha Murali

Pic: Asha Murali

Pic: Screen grab

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