'Star Trek: Beyond' trailer - Dubai gets a make-over [video]

The second 'Star Trek Beyond' trailer is here, and it gives us a much better sense of what our heroes will be dealing with in this flick - and yes it is for the trekkers.

Two months before the film's July 22 release, and we've seen almost nothing since that first teaser trailer back in mid-December.

And this second theatrical trailer is arguably a bit more fan-friendly than the last trailer.

The new trailer is more plot-driven than action-packed — a point of contention for Trekkies back in December, promoting star and co-writer Simon Pegg to say he 'didn’t love it' because 'there’s a lot more to the film.'

The latest preview offers a closer look at the Idris Elba’s main villain Krall as well as another new cast member, Sofia Boutella, who plays alien warrior Jaylah. The trailer also finds Chris Pine’s James T. Kirk grappling with his identity.

The 2:30 minute long trailer also gives a glimpse of Dubai skyline which gets a complete make-over under heavy CGI (Computer-generated imagery).

DIFC compound, Downtown Dubai skyline and JLT properties become the frontline in the futuristic movie.

The DIFC scenes shot near Burj Daman has seen quite a transformation. And of course, no shoot in Dubai is complete without a glimpse of Burj Khalifa and Burj Al Arab - but mind you the iconic structures are not recognisable.

The action scenes are deluxe and the motorcycles look great given that it is directed by Justin Lin of Fast and the Furious fame.

'Star Trek Beyond' was co-written by comedian Simon Pegg, who plays Scotty, and the snippets of dialogue we get in this trailer are pretty hit-or-miss.