Sunny Leone: 'Live' and exclusive from sets of 'Jism 2'

Penthouse Pet is not going to be Bollywood Bimbo

The adult film actress has her priorities right.

She knows she wants to go with the flow.

Dropping out of High School, she got into Penthouse and then the porn movie industry before entering Bollywood.

The 30-year old actress – born Karanjeet Kaur, before renaming herself Karen Malhotra and then Sunny Leone; now clearly wants to do everything that she wants. There are no holds barred for the actress, even though she knows that bold scenes in Bollywood are nowhere close to what she has done back home in her industry.

She gets candid with Emirates24|7 as she begins shooting for her first Bollywood film 'Jism 2'.

Indian legislators watching porn in the assembly

I think what those legislators showed is everybody watches this material and you cannot escape it. It shows what everyone wants to watch.

Maybe sitting in the assembly wasn’t the greatest idea. But then who are we to judge anyone to what they are doing. There are lots of people who are googling adult material. I have done it. My friends have done it too. 

I grew up in a Punjabi home. We had Indian food every day except for Fridays and Saturday were American days. A typical American day fitted into Italian or Chinese or Mediterranean but certainly not dal, roti and sabzi (veggies).

I grew up in Canada and moved to California when I was 14 or 15 years old. I finished my high school there when I did two years of schooling. It was in 2003 when I got the offer for Penthouse. I had the option to continue going to school or take up the offer.

It kind of came my way. The agent told me about Penthouse and me being on the centerfold. He told me about how the pictures would be and how the monies will be. And then I realised they were just pictures and the money was very good. So I guess, it was not really a big deal.  Of course it was uncomfortable in front of the camera when you sit in your birthday suit.

But what I saw on the Polaroid was amazing. I asked ‘Is that me? Is what how I look on camera?’

The hair, the make-up, the clothes and my connect with the camera was there to see. An entertainer has a connection with the camera and that is how they have the connection with the people watching them. A true entertainer always has a connect with the camera and the people and it is a part of the DNA to act and do things to entertain.

I love shooting. When you look at the photoshoot of ‘Jism 2’, the pictures are just amazing. I love my job.

There were many offers earlier. Some of them were even shady ones where people wrote weird emails.

I just happened to pick up ‘Bigg Boss’ and I picked up the offer. I didn’t want to go to a country where people will hate me. And when I came to ‘Bigg Boss’, I was happy at my decision to come.  They loved and liked me. I got amazing reactions which were completely different from what I thought. People have issues. It could have gone either way.

I am aware that Pooja Bhatt tried to contact me for ‘Jism’ when she was casting back in 2002. But somehow it did not work out because of the Penthouse deal.

But if I had signed, Bipasha would not have been signed for ‘Jism’ and she was so good in the film. I saw the film, and it was a lovely movie. I loved the film. I loved Bipasha’s performance. I guess, things take their own time and it is good.
Posing with kids

A turning point came when a couple of parents wanted their kid to pose with me. It was a very confusing moment for me when the parents wanted their son to pose with me. But then I realized that it was because of ‘Bigg Boss’ and then because I had signed on a film like ‘Jism 2’.

In India, people separated me completely from my avatar as an adult entertainer to a girl in Bigg Boss to an actress in ‘Jism 2’. People put up little blinders and met me. They were not judgemental and that is a defining moment.

About Pooja Bhatt

Pooja Bhatt and I get along really well. It has been amazing being with Pooja. She has her ways of doing things and that she wants things done in a certain manner. This is her movie and my experiences with her are different.

We were out together for lunches; we got fittings and nails done and we are doing all these girlie things and it is so much more fun. We are literally stuck to each other till this movie is over and looking at the way it is going I will be friends with her for a long time to come. 

When it comes to work, she knows what exactly is going on and leaves no detail unturned before mounting the sets.
About Mahesh Bhatt

When he talks everyone is quiet and people listen. Randeep had a question the other day and when he asked and Maheshji was answering, we were all ears and listening. It was magical listening to how he speaks and how he has answers to every question.
Hindi lessons

I have been taking Hindi lessons. It is going really good.

Sudesh and Khalid have been teaching me a lot and I am pleased with them. My diction coach also makes sure that I am getting everything right. We have gone through the material on a daily basis and I have also memorized everything well.

I did get confused with words like ‘kabool’ which I kelp pronouncing as the name of the place Kabul.

I am reading a script written in proper Hindi and people around me are speaking in a slang.  I keep switching around but it’s difficult to keep pace with people when they speak in a slang I follow proper Hindi now.

Wherever I go, people are asking me only one thing – as to how my Hindi lessons are going on. They do not even ask me first about how I am, but ask me about my Hindi.
Plans ahead

My answer is always the same. I do not know what I will do. I am on the roller coaster. I am not a fortune teller and I love my industry.  I am what I am and that’s what’s got me to do what I have done till date. I am going to go the way life takes me.
Justice Katju asking people not to judge her by her past

Yes, I heard that he had compared me to Mary Magdelene after some people had sent in complaints asking me to be taken off Bigg Boss because I was an adult film star.

I understand that there is a moral FBI everywhere. When a quote of a person like Justice Katju came out in support of me, it gave me hope that not every person out there was thinking in a particular way.

I know who I am and I am not breaking any rules. My fans and press have been nice to me. But it was good that someone high up there who was saying that.  It was a really nice gesture and I thank him for sticking up to me.

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