Trailer: Shah Rukh in graphic novel 'Atharva'

Bollywood actor Shah Rukh Khan will be seen in a new avatar and this time he wears on a heavy metal suit as the valiant warrior fights beasts and dragons in a mythical land.

The new look is not for a movie but a graphic novel instead.

In a minute long trailer of the coming graphic novel ‘Atharva - The Origin’, Shah Rukh will be seen as the lead playing the titular role.

Written by Ramesh Thamilmani, the novel is about a prospective king played by SRK who makes a difficult and lone journey to unravel his destiny. It is set in very ancient times, when strange beasts roamed the earth.

The last time Shah Rukh essayed the role of a super hero was in the movie ‘Ra. One’ which failed to impress the audience.

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