Zayn Malik cooks up a storm in kitchen with girlfriend Gigi Hadid

Singer Zayn Malik and model Gigi Hadid attened the Met gala event. (Reuters)

Zayn Malik cooks up a storm in his kitchen and showed Azealia Banks what a delicious "curry scented b****" he can be.

Over the weekend, Gigi posted a Snap of chicken curry, naan bread, and sliced cucumbers, with the caption, "When you find one that can cook [heart-eye emoji]."

That means her boyfriend Zayn was probably showin goff his desi culinary skills.

Looks like Zayn dished up some chicken tikka masala, an Indian chicken dish with a spicy, cream-based tomato sauce and the naan is nothing but flatbread popular throughout Southeast Asian and the Middle East.

The 'Mind of Mine' of singer is setting some boyfriend goals.