UAE Ministry of Interior backs Dubai’s bid to host ‘Expo 2020’


The Ministry of Interior Ministry distributed the logo of Dubai’s bid to host Expo 2020 to its employees and customers, in an initiative to support the efforts of the emirate of Dubai to host this major event.

It is noteworthy that the initiative of the Ministry was highly acclaimed by residents and citizens alike, who have high hopes in Dubai winning the bid to host “Expo 2020.”

The Ministry of Interior distributed in its building the logo to all staff.

This step reflects its vision to back Dubai’s bid to host Expo 2020. Furthermore, the logo was also distributed to customers visiting the Vehicles and Drivers Licensing Department and the Directorate of the Traffic and Patrols Directorate, to motivate them to support the bid, in pursuance with the community partnership methodology between the Ministry of Interior and members of the community.

In the same context, the Ministry published a “banner” on social networking sites to promote Dubai for the hosting of the international event and encourage users to support this initiative.

Lt. Colonel Saeed Al Khajah, Deputy Director of Security Media Department, at the General Secretariat of the Office of Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior stressed that this initiative reflects its commitment to support Dubai efforts to host “Expo 2020”, which is a very important event giving a bright image of the progress and development the country is witnessing in all areas.

“The ‘Expo’ logo was distributed on citizens and residents during their presence in the Ministry of Interior’s departments to receive the services they offer. This step would boost all efforts exerted at the State level to support Dubai hosting this event, which will be reflected positively on the overall renaissance in various sectors of the State”, explained Al Khajah.

Lt. Colonel Al Khajah reiterated that the distribution of logo on the staff members of the Ministry of Interior and customers contributes to promoting Dubai hosting the “Expo 2020”. “It highlights the concerted efforts of the various institutions, ministries and all sectors to back the bid”, noted Al Khajah.

Moreover, the Deputy Director of Security Media Department support stressed that the Ministry of Interior has been proactive in providing support to all major events hosted by the UAE in conformity with the achievements that are reflected on the growth and prosperity of the Emirates.

“The concrete efforts of the Ministry of Interior reinforce the local, regional and international efforts to host the global event, which will be a new addition to the building and development process in the UAE. This process that has made significant gains in all sectors, enabling the maintenance of those gains and reach global prosperity”, emphasized Lt. Colonel Al Khajah.

Notably, the World Expo is one of the oldest and biggest international events taking place every five years, and will run for six months. It involves governments, international organizations and businesses that meet in the host country to promote their achievements, products, ideas and innovations. Moreover, the Expo provides a unique environment for the promotion of international cooperation between the host country and the participants.