UAE will win Expo 2020: Investment executives

Investment professionals believe that UAE will win Expo 2020 bid which will be announced next week, according to a survey released today.

They believe that stock markets and real estate will be the main beneficiary if Dubai hosts Expo 2020.

CFA Society Emirates, the local UAE member society of CFA Institute, today published its Dubai Expo 2020 Survey ahead of the final decision by Bureau International des Expositions (BIE) on 27 November.  Based on feedback from approximately 215 investment professionals in the United Arab Emirates, it highlights key insights on the potential effect of a successful bid from Dubai and views on the potential of another economic bubble in the United Arab Emirates.

In summarizing the research, Amer Khansaheb, CFA, President of CFA Society Emirates, said: “Investment professionals in the UAE are very supportive of Dubai’s bid for Expo 2020 and nearly unanimous is their belief that Dubai will win the bid. The stock market, real estate and foreign direct investment sectors are all expected to be beneficiaries if Dubai wins but many are concerned that a successful bid will create another economic bubble.  CFA charterholders believe more government regulation and easier procedures for starting new businesses in the UAE would potentially help protect the economy from excessive speculation.”