Kate royal prank call 'suicide note' emerges; Mangalore village waits to bury Jacintha Saldhana

Jacintha Saldhana's husband's home in Shirwa. (Supplied)

Jacintha Saldhana will be buried in her husband’s hometown Shirwa, India, family members told Emirates 24l7 on Tuesday.

However family members said exact date and time has not been set for the funeral yet.

“The funeral will be held here but we have not been informed about any further details,” said a lady close to the family. According to sources, the local church also said they were yet to receive information about the funeral.

Saldhana was working as a nurse in the King Edward VII hospital where Duchess Kate was receiving treatment for severe morning sickness, and passed on a call from two prankster Australian radio jockey to the desired destination. An unnamed colleague gave details of the duchess’s treatment and it was broadcast on the 2Day FM station. Few days later Saldhana was found dead in in the nurse's accommodation under mysterious circumstances.


'Suicide note' to family

Brisbane times reports that after falling victim to a hoax Jacintha Saldanha wrote an apparent suicide note to her family.
The nurse left the note for her husband Ben Barboza, 49, and son Junal, 17, and daughter Lisha, 14.

But the family still believe there are "unexplained circumstances" and are demanding answers from the King Edward VII Hospital.

A post mortem examination on Mrs Saldanha's body was carried out by a Home Office pathologist on Tuesday to determine the cause of death, the results of which are expected to be made public today.

Saldanha's husband Mr Barboza, an NHS accountant, and his children, knew nothing about the hoax call or Mrs Saldanha's involvement until after her death.
Keith Vaz, the Labour MP who has been helping the family, said: "What the family need are the full facts. There are unexplained circumstances. The hospital needs to be more proactive, a full inquiry is needed and the family need to be included in that."
British Prime Minister David Cameron agreed that the family should be given all the facts when he was questioned by Mr Vaz at the House of Commons liaison committee yesterday.

Jacintha remembered

Meanwhile, netizens continue to pay tribute to Saldhana on the online memorial Memento. Hundreds of messages have been posted across social media and news portals offering condolences to the believing family members.

In an introductory message posted on the website Memento, an online cemetery and memorial, reads: “Jacintha was the loving mother of 2 small children and a caring nurse that only wanted to do good… A family has been ruined, two children are crying in despair after their warm-hearted mum… They will for years to come cry for her over and over again, and look and look and look for her, but just emptiness. The press is not up to standard, instead of doing their job in society they feed people quick jokes and celebrity rubbish. Let us pray for Jacintha.”

Soon hundreds of messages followed with some even criticizing the dead nurse for committing suicide.

Meanwhile, the owners of the Australian radio station behind the prank call, 2DayFM, said all profits from now until the end of the year would be donated to a fund for Mrs Saldanha's family. At least $500,000 was guaranteed.
The station also cancelled its planned Christmas party out of "respect" for Mrs Saldanha's family and will give the money it would have spent on the party to charities helping people with depression.
The two presenters who made the call, Mel Greig and Michael Christian, have been suspended and their show has been cancelled.

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