Bitter in-flight break-up live tweeted to thousands - not cool

American woman live tweeted a couple's tense argument on a delayed flight and went viral. (Twitter)

Thanks to New Yorker Kelly Keegs, thousands of Twitter users who weren't on a plane were still able to witness a break-up through her live updates.

We agree a plane full of people is not the ideal place to end a relationship with a sobbing girlfriend; but hey, it's still personal.

In this day and age of smartphones and social media, everybody has the license to interfere in your personal life and talk about it loud.

People like Kelly Keeg take delight in other people's misery and feeling that she is entitled to share their misery with the world.

While the plane waited to take off on the tarmac, Ms Keeg entertained herself - and thousands of Twitter users - by commentating on the 90-minute long row between an unidentified pair.


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